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  • 22 February 2020

    Wtech Meetup 2020: Work-Life Balance

    We have been waiting for this for 4 months! February 22 will be the first of three in 2020 Kiev Wtech Meetups in a new format. All participants will enjoy quality networking and a loud party!

    Wtech Meetup will be dedicated to the hot topic of the work/life balance. We’re looking forward and prepping!

    How to climb the career ladder and enjoy this path every day? According to Alla Klimenko, a leading life coach, motivational speaker, balance is possible. You’ll learn the secrets of it at the Wtech meeting during Alla’s presentation “The balance between work and personal life”. 

    Our speakers:

    ✅Alla Klimenko

    Alla received her first education in the field of marketing, and her second specialty is psychology. For many years she has been trained by the best specialists in happiness around the world.

    She can tell where to find the energy for the realization of dreams and how to continue to be happy without focusing on the failures while chasing the dream.

    ✅ Victoria Koroleva

    Businesswoman, blogger, fitness coach. She is a creator of the anti-age integrated sports program. Victoria is an Honorary Sponsor of the National Committee of Disabled Sports of Ukraine.

    By tradition, the Wtech Meetup will begin with opening remarks by the community founders Viktoriya Tigipko and Veroslava Novosilnaya.

    Community members will talk about their projects:

    – Evgenia Klepa (Executive Director at 1991 Open Data Incubator, Co-founder & CMO at SPREAD),

    – Maria Skakun (Senior Associate and Business Developer at Avitar Law Company),

    – Anna Korzh (founder of the Brainlab.com.ua project).

    The meetup will be held at @INVERIA FLOW SPACE, location partner of Wtech in Kyiv!

    It’s time to buy a ticket! Places are limited.

    For community participants, the tickets are at a special price in a private chat in Telegram 💚

    A nice bonus for all those willing to come to attend the event! If you are not a member of the community but want to come, we have prepared 10% of the tickets for you. You need to apply for pre-registration by clicking here: https://2event.com/en/events/1856511

    See you, Wtech ladies!