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  • 22 November 2019

    Wtech.Dinner #2 Odesa

    Wtech Break in Odesa transforms into Wtech Dinner!

    Dinner topic: Speak, do not remain silent. How to build effective communication in a team

    Moderator: Yana Makarenko, IT HR with 5+ years of experience in international companies, holds the position of HR Business Partner in Keymakr, Israel. HR coach, mentor.

    Might be useful for: managers, PMs, project managers, business developers, HR and CEO.

    Our discussion: as we know, communications take from 5 to 70% of the time, and oftentimes up to 90%. Ineffective time management in business development can lead to employees simply leaving the company, lack of understanding on what they do, where the company is moving, what the goals are. Based on the expertise of building communications with international companies, Yana will share her experience and life hacks.