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  • 10 December 2019

    WTECH.Dinner # 1 Kyiv

    We had a dinner for members of the Forever Young community with an incredible lady in the IT field — Nina Levchuk!

    She managed to conquer the world of IT and build a career with such a global giant as Google. She also became the head of development of online platforms, startups and venture funds in Central Europe.


    At the meeting, the girls discussed:

    – What startup trends currently exist in the European market, where investors want to invest

    – What must be taken into account in order to enter international markets

    – How to build your personal brand in Europe

    – How to properly communicate your idea to investors

    – How to motivate your team in a startup


    All participants got inspired and received many useful insights.

    We asked the girls what information they would use here and now:

    WTECH Ambassador Maria Skakun said that one of Nina’s quotes deserved special attention and should be remembered by each and every founder: “An investor does not need the help of a good startup.”

    “It is difficult to understand at what point Ukrainian startups think about compliance for passing investor checks, as European investors rarely decide to invest in them due to increased risks.”

    Evgenia Klepa, WTECH Ambassador for Startups:

    “For me, there was the major insight about the unspoken rule that if a startup initially went to a smaller investor, but he refused, then larger investors will not even consider it.”

    For Anastasia Sylenok, the most important thing was “to learn the trends and principles of the startup development industry in other countries. Make sure that the markets have the same problems different in scale”.

    And COO at WTECH Alina Shcherbina fully supports Nina’s idea that “there is no need to be afraid to radically change a profession, get a new education or move to a new country.”

    Nina also has her own technique, developed on the basis of her own experience in top international companies and startups in Silicon Valley, which allow for building a successful personal brand step by step.