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  • Wtech & Friends Let’s empower women together!
    Support program for the IT sector of the female community.
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    Two years ago, when we had the idea of creating Wtech, the Ukrainian IT business was represented mainly by men – 75%. It was obvious that it was more difficult for girls to believe in their own strengths since many of them had an impostor syndrome and absence of role models.

    We decided to unite Ukrainian female business leaders to jointly grow not only our own projects, but the entire Ukrainian IT ecosystem.

    We have created a community for present and future female founders and managers. Currently, Wtech is not only a community – it is an ecosystem that each participant develops with us. We host meetings, promote successful networking, and help others in solving their business issues.

    Our mission is career growth, mentorship, and helping women to believe in their power.

    Wtech & Friends - that
    Support for women in Tech and business in general. Care for employees of your company, social responsibility
    Publication of vacancies, access to resumes, development of the company's brand as an employer
    Publications in community social media and regular media partners
    Access to community social capital, expertise and assistance in IT processes, digitalization of your business
    Business development, strengthening in partnerships, mutual assistance, recommendations, cooperation, and advertising
    Speaking at events. Breakfast meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, YouTube Show.
    Non-profit 4000 women in tech 12 cities of Ukraine Ukraine, Germany, UK
    21 ambassadors
    39 advisers
    20 curators
    For 2 years we hosted:
    13 Meetups
    10 Webinars
    >100 Breakfasts - over
    5 Speaking clubs
    5000+ women attended our events!
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