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    The main mission of ambassadors in the community is mentoring, training and inspiring other participants. Each of them is a pro in a certain area, therefore, within the community framework you can always contact them for advice and get the necessary information within their areas of competency through a private chat in Telegram.

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    Sofia Drigola

    IT recruiting and education

    “I can be helpful in matters of IT recruiting, audit or building HR / Recruiting processes and building an employer branding»

    COO & Co-Founder at More Than.
    COO at Sl8
    organizer of different events aimed at developing the IT-HR community in Ukraine, lecturer in educational IT-recruiting projects, speaker of unconferences #trukyiv, #truminsk “

    Ekaterina Stetsyuk


    “I will help and advise on the development of technical solutions, and the creation and implementation of AI algorithms in business ”
    Head of R&D at AI Department at ARVI. She is engaged in the creation of products using artificial intelligence. Builds and develops a team to create innovative solutions in this area.

    Anastasia Davydova


    “I can address the following issues: marketing, strategy, brand building, B2B, platform creation”
    She has over 15-year experience in marketing and advertising. For the last 5 years she has occupied CMO positions in DIM Group, Multiplex Holding (the largest cinema network) and CCAC. She worked in TABASCO, Young & Rubicam, Karandash, Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agencies. She is a Master of Sports in Athletics and  teacher of French. Today she is developing her own business and several startups.

    Aleksandra Boguslavskaya

    Data Science

    “I can be contacted for any questions related to the implementation of Data Science in business, recruiting developers, organizing all kinds of training on Data Science”

    CEO & Founder of Data Science UA. The company helps  develop the Data Science Community in Ukraine, helps specialists find interesting projects and develop their technology. Since 2016, she holds the international conference Data Science UA twice a year.

    Jane Klepa

    IT Startups

    “I can be contacted for all matters of business model/value proposition, scaling”

    Executive Director в 1991 Open Data Incubator. Social investor в Urban Space 500.
    TOP-20 women tech entrepreneurs in Ukraine
    TOP-50 Most Influential Women of Fintech

    Natalya Snezhkova


    “I can be contacted on all issues related to the Blockchain topic”
    Co-founder & CEO at BLOQLY Blockchain platform. She knows exactly: why blockchain is not necessarily about mining and cryptocurrencies, why blockchain is essential (or not essential) for your business, why blockchain can raise your price tag by 10-30%, how easy it is to save data on the blockchain, why blockchain is not as scary as it might seem.

    Elena Salivon

    Digital Project Management

    I will help and advise on the management of Digital projects of any complexity, team building and management

    – Digital strategy (steep block by channels, no media planning). As well as branding, naming, positioning for bringing a new product / project to the market (not only Digital).

    Maria Skakun

    Legal direction

    “I will be glad to help in any legal issues arising from technological projects”
    Maria is a Business Developer and Lawyer at Avitar. Provides assistance to technology projects, is engaged in the development of Avitar law firm. Created a legal tech project in the field of copyright protection.

    Elena Bandrovskaya

    International Business UAE, Qatar

    “I can be useful in determining the priorities of the UAE market, both in technology and  traditional business”
    Development and Sales Director in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) at Dion. She is an expert in B2B, establishing partnerships and strategic planning for the product and business to enter the Middle East market. Has a partnership with the organizers of the largest exhibitions in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

    Valeria Kuzmenko

    Marketing, Sales & Digital promotion

    “You can contact me on digital marketing, (SEO, PPC, social media), creative marketing, strategic marketing: conducting a marketing audit, building and implementing business strategy, tactics, budgeting, risk management, building promotion and distribution. And also if you need to improve business efficiency, improve business processes, implement metrics.”

    Founder of SalesTech – Management, Marketing and Sales Consulting. Mentor and consultant for IT companies, speaker on Marketing, IT Sales. Co-founder of the IT product community IT Product People. Strategic and tactical marketing, sales consultant.
    More than 10 years of experience in sales management from 200 people in TurkCell, Intertelecom.
    Education: The Chartered Institute of Marketing, London, UK.
    Spheres: IT, Telecom, Healthcare, E-commerce, International Trade, Investments.
    Certified investor, start-up assessment, effective relationship building between startups and investors.

    Viktoria Nalyvaiko


    “II will be useful in questions regarding productive team: selection, motivation, development, increasing loyalty of your employees.
    Also, auditing or creating HR \ Recruiting processes and building an employer brand.”

    CEO & Co-Founder BazaIT. She is building a platform for relevant search of specialists in IT.
    Founder of reteam (talent & business agency).
    She publishes articles on HR topics, advises company executives, and engaged in career consulting. Lecturer and mentor in educational projects.
    Co-founder of the IT Product People product community

    Anastasia Sylenok

    Project&Operations Management

    “I can be contacted for any questions related to the nuances of project and operational management, process optimization and automation, event management and community formation.”

    Co-founder Digitizing.Space, ex-COO at Creative Quarter, ex-CEO Kyiv IT Cluster. Startup mentor and speaker at tech events. Since 2015 organised up to 300 tech and business-oriented events from closed community meetups to international startup challenges, hackathons, and conferences. Lector at Bazilik School of Communications. Ex. Executive Director at 1991 Civic Tech Center & Event Producer at innovation park UNIT.City.

    Olga Nasibullina

    Operational management, сrisis management

    “I can provide consulting in matters related to finance, budgeting, business restructuring, preparation for/conduct of due diligence, taxation issues in the context of jurisdiction choice. Also, I have a vast experience in specifics of different communication levels whether it is team, partners, or investors”. 

    13 years of successful work in international business, COO CyberSchool, co-founder CyberPeople. Former Country Manager XPO Logistics

    Tamara Lobzina


    “I can be useful in issues pertaining to the huge area of sales. More specifically, new business development channels, sales negotiation, process and architecture for sales execution, sales funnel metrics, and sales management”

    General Manager at IClub Global, Former Head of Sales Operations, Depositphotos.

    She has accumulated her theoretical knowledge in top world universities including The University of Auckland, Université Paris Sorbonne, and La Universidad de Salamanca, Spain; Seoul National University, South Korea. Tamara developed her practical skills and gained experience at large companies such as Depositphotos and Zomato.

    Anna Korzh

    Web development

    “I will be glad to help you understand all the issues of web development, from planning a marketing strategy and development of technical specifications to the final launch and support of the project.”

    Co-founder & CEO “Brainlab Studio”.
    Prior to that, worked as a lead programmer of web development.
    JICA 2016 graduate (Japan), studied Kaizen philosophy and continuous improvement tools such as Lean, 5s.
    For 10 years in IT, she has worked with the launch of projects of varying complexity from simple landing pages and corporate projects to large high-load ecommerce platforms.

    Mariia Tintul

    Services Sales

    Having 7 years of experience in Services B2B sales in various IT sectors Mariia is now a Managing Director of the SaaS Program in StartupWiseGuys Early-Stage Accelerator. Founder & CEO at Chernobyl App. Business Development, Sales, Networking and Strategic Partnership consultant. Believes in relationship-driven business.

    Aliona Guseva

    Personal branding

    “I believe that the world is governed not by professions but by competencies — to promote which is possible and important by building a personal brand and communications.”

    PR & Communications at Let’s Enhance & Choice31.
    Specialist in personal branding and development of communication, digital and content strategies.

    10+ works in journalism of socio-political, technological and lifestyle areas. From 2018, support and consulting of personal brands of SME, IT and goverment, PR support and construction of a turnkey and project image platform.

    Conducted 100+ consultations and developed 20+ strategies of personal brands.

    Evgeniya Glizer

    Online education

    «I can help you with any launching online course issues: strategy, training, tools, team, consulting, funnel. You can also contact and ask for advice on all stages of marketing strategy, since in this I definitely ate the carrot and got the whip»

    СЕО GeniusAcademy by Genius Marketing

    7 years in marketing: From marketing assistant and project manager at Netpeak to development director of iProspect Agency and CEO of Genius Academy by GeniusMarketing.

    1783 students: 3 years of teaching courses in digital marketing. Average score from students 9.6 out of 10.

    Launched 8 courses: During 2020 Evgenia’s team launched 8 courses in 

    +25% to income: Using correct strategy and working according to a given plan in digital marketing bring business an average +25% to income. Well, that’s what my clients in consulting say 😉

    Olesia Malovana

    Grant management

    “I can help with funds and donors for fundraising for your project”

    Chapter Director at Startup Grind, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Ukrainian hub, Founder of consulting company GrantCore

    Olena Izraylevych

    Financial management experts and analysts

    I can help with revising financial management, analytics and justification of financial decisions issues. I could also advise on matching the performance tracking system to business goals, building comprehensive reporting to monitor business health, and design/ implementation of company financial structure.

    CFO & co-founder S-PRO

    Over 15 years in finance. Experience in digitalization of large manufacturing enterprises financial departments.
    Last 6 years Elena works as CFO & Co-founder of S-PRO (an IT service company specializing in FinTech, Blockchain, Renewable energy & Enterprise).

    Yuliia Saldaieva


    Personal Branding Specialist on Social Media, Digital Marketer

    Has been creating and promoting personal brands on Instagram since 2015.

    Since 2015, he has been creating and promoting personal brands for businesses on social networks. Together with the team, we worked with entrepreneurs and top managers of companies from more than 25 business niches. There are cases in America and Poland.

    She worked with the Odessa International Film Festival, GoPro Ukraine, alcohol brands Morosha, Oreanda, Mikado and others.

    Nadiia Kolibaba

    Culture of innovation

    Startups, Eastern Europe & Central Asia – Amazon Web Services EMEA

    Nadia may support you with advice how to build the corporate culture based on values and focused on innovations.

    Nadia is in charge of AWS for Startups in the region. Helping startups to choose AWS services and get value from the benefits for startups – AWS Activate Credits, support with migrations, Solution Architect involvement and architecture review, VCs and Enterprise customers connections, and much more.

    Before joining Amazon Web Services, Nadia spent 10 years at Microsoft – managing Corporate Accounts business in the region, orchestrating and coaching Sales and Partner Group teams.

    Ivanna Wendel

    Сustomer Service and Support

    «I will be glad to help with any questions that are aimed at creating «customer happiness»»

    Co-Founder LabiOffice.

    Assists in the collection of customer data, their processing, and analysis, in obtaining and using knowledge from them to obtain a customer (sale), retain a customer, and develop the company’s business with a customer (cross-sale and up-sell). Also helps in the selection of tools for effective communication and work with clients.