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    The main mission of ambassadors in the community is mentoring, training and inspiring other participants. Each of them is a pro in a certain area, therefore, within the community framework you can always contact them for advice and get the necessary information within their areas of competency through a private chat in Telegram.

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    Sofia Drigola

    IT recruiting and education

    “I can be useful in matters related to sourcing, recruiting, HR and retention”.
    COO and director of educational programs at Indigo-Tech Recruiters agency. Curator of educational projects and events, such as the #TRUKyiv anti-conference, #TRUMinsk “Rock-on Recruiting”, “HR-Kitchen”, “Epistolary recruiting and effective communications”, “Sourcing school”, etc.

    Ekaterina Stetsyuk


    “I will help and advise on the development of technical solutions, and the creation and implementation of AI algorithms in business ”
    Head of R&D at AI Department at ARVI. She is engaged in the creation of products using artificial intelligence. Builds and develops a team to create innovative solutions in this area.

    Anastasia Davydova


    “I can address the following issues: marketing, strategy, brand building, B2B, platform creation”
    She has over 15-year experience in marketing and advertising. For the last 5 years she has occupied CMO positions in DIM Group, Multiplex Holding (the largest cinema network) and CCAC. She worked in TABASCO, Young & Rubicam, Karandash, Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agencies. She is a Master of Sports in Athletics and  teacher of French. Today she is developing her own business and several startups.

    Aleksandra Boguslavskaya

    Data Science

    “I can be contacted for any questions related to the implementation of Data Science in business, recruiting developers, organizing all kinds of training on Data Science”

    CEO & Founder of Data Science UA. The company helps  develop the Data Science Community in Ukraine, helps specialists find interesting projects and develop their technology. Since 2016, she holds the international conference Data Science UA twice a year.

    Jane Klepa

    IT Startups

    “I can be contacted for all matters of business model/value proposition, scaling”
    Executive Director at the 1991 Open Data Incubator, co-founder & CMO at SPREAD. Social investor in Urban Space 500. Startup mentor and adviser. Guest trainer at KSE and IIB (MBA courses). Mentor of adolescents in Ukrainian business schools. Actively involved in the development of the technological ecosystem in Ukraine.

    Natalya Snezhkova


    “I can be contacted on all issues related to the Blockchain topic”
    Co-founder & CEO at BLOQLY Blockchain platform. She knows exactly: why blockchain is not necessarily about mining and cryptocurrencies, why blockchain is essential (or not essential) for your business, why blockchain can raise your price tag by 10-30%, how easy it is to save data on the blockchain, why blockchain is not as scary as it might seem.

    Elena Salivon


    “I can be contacted about launching 360 projects, which include all stages and communication channels”
    Chief Project Officer, Vintage Web Production
    Prior to that, for 7.5 years she worked as the operational director of the GRAPE creative agency. She has been engaged in marketing communications since 2006. She developed a project management methodology for creative teams, which allows launching agency projects as soon as possible. She worked on projects for such clients as MHP, Intel, Kyivstar, Carlsberg, Prom, Ferrero, L’Oreal, Unilever, Foxtrot.

    Maria Skakun

    Legal direction

    “I will be glad to help in any legal issues arising from technological projects”
    Maria is a Business Developer and Lawyer at Avitar. Provides assistance to technology projects, is engaged in the development of Avitar law firm. Created a legal tech project in the field of copyright protection.

    Elena Bandrovskaya

    International Business UAE, Qatar

    “I can be useful in determining the priorities of the UAE market, both in technology and  traditional business”
    Development and Sales Director in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) at Dion. She is an expert in B2B, establishing partnerships and strategic planning for the product and business to enter the Middle East market. Has a partnership with the organizers of the largest exhibitions in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

    Valeria Kuzmenko

    Sales Consulting

    Founder, Sales, and Business Development Consulting at SalesTech. Key expertise: bringing the product to the market (MVP, MSP), building the structure and processes in sales, building a planning and reporting system, KPIs, OKRs, determining points of sales growth, sales scripts (phone, correspondence), sales training, preparing the necessary documentation for onboarding and sales, determination of the Portrait of the Ideal Seller.

    Viktoria Nalyvaiko


    “I’ll be useful in matters related to a productive team: recruiting, motivation, development, and boosting loyalty.
    Also, in audit, building HR\Recruiting processes as well as creating an employer brand”. 

    CEO & Co-Founder of BazaIT. She is engaged in the analysis of the IT market, its volume and IT data digitizing in Ukraine. 

    She is a co-founder of reteam (HR Consulting).

    She publishes articles on HR, consults company executives, and is also involved in career consulting. She is a lecturer and mentor at educational projects, co-founder of IT Product People product community. 

    Anastasia Sylenok

    Project&Operations Management

    “I can be contacted for any questions related to the nuances of project and operational management, process optimization and automation, event management and community formation.”

    Co-founder Digitizing.Space, ex-COO at Creative Quarter, ex-CEO Kyiv IT Cluster. Startup mentor and speaker at tech events. Since 2015 organised up to 300 tech and business-oriented events from closed community meetups to international startup challenges, hackathons, and conferences. Lector at Bazilik School of Communications. Ex. Executive Director at 1991 Civic Tech Center & Event Producer at innovation park UNIT.City.

    Tamara Lobzina


    “I can be useful in issues pertaining to the huge area of sales. More specifically, new business development channels, sales negotiation, process and architecture for sales execution, sales funnel metrics, and sales management”

    General Manager at IClub Global, Former Head of Sales Operations, Depositphotos.

    She has accumulated her theoretical knowledge in top world universities including The University of Auckland, Université Paris Sorbonne, and La Universidad de Salamanca, Spain; Seoul National University, South Korea. Tamara developed her practical skills and gained experience at large companies such as Depositphotos and Zomato.